DVD Day: June 12th, 2012


I can’t believe I forgot to do DVD Day last week. As far as I know, they only thing that came out was John Carter, but that movie’s had such a rough time I feel guilty about missing it. At any rate, here’s this week’s releases:

What if the guys who made the batshit insane Crank movies made a Ghost Rider movie and it wasn’t particularly better than the first one? Would Nic Cage finally give up?
I don’t count Guy Ritchie’s Holmes movies as nerdy, per se, but in case any of you Sherlock fetishists feel the need to complete your collection, here it is.
A group of Mark Millar-esque heroes challenge Superman for the title of Superdickeriest.
A.k.a. the final/shortened/sad season.
Stories 134 and 48, respectively; both are special editions.
The one with the monsters wrestling each other. I have no idea how this premise could not be awesome, but then I see the trailer and I don’t know how the movie could be awesome, either. Paradox!
Don’t get too excited, I think all this means is that the movies have Brian Froud covers, nothing else.
Shout Factory’s massive Joe set finally comes to Amazon. Contains all 95 episodes.
For the record, the three Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies are being rereleased on Blu-ray today with hilariously shitty covers. It’s worth checking out if you have a second.