Even Lego Is Going to Make a Batman/Superman Team-Up Movie Before DC Is


Add Lego to the list of companies that are more successful at making movies out of DC characters than DC (the other being the porn industry, who are currently the only ones who have managed to make make a Justice League movie). When Lego releases Lego: The Piece of Resistance into theaters in 2014, it will be the first time Batman and Superman share the screen together… albeit in Lego form.

The movie is about a Lego minifigure named Emmett (voiced by the awesome Chris Pratt) who is mistaken for a “master-builder” and sent to save a variety of Lego worlds, including apparently the Lego DC universe. Will Arnett has been signed to voice Lego Batman (which is fine with me) while Channing Tatum has been approached to voice Superman (which makes me want to kill myself). The villain of the movie apparently — and I can’t tell you how much I love this — is apparently gluing Lego bricks together so they can’t be re-used, which is like the equivalent to murder in the Lego universe. 
But what has me excited are the potential other Lego worlds that Emmett may need to save. Could we get a movie with some combination of Lego DC, Lego Lord of the Rings, Lego Star Wars, and more? I don’t see why not; this movie — and its merchandising — has the potential to be pretty big, so I can’t imagine any Lego licensed company turning it down except maybe Harry Potter (also, since DC is involved, I doubt Marvel will be asked). This could be like the Lego movie equivalent of Kingdom Hearts. And think about it: Lego Batman, Lego Anakin, Lego Gandalf and Lego Jack Sparrow teaming up to fight some glue-wielding bad guys? Excuse me, I just built my own brick in my underpants at the thought. (Via /Film)