Here’s 20 Minutes of Dead Space 3 Being All Dead Space-y, or Something

I know Dead Space is a popular franchise that I need to cover, but I know less than nothing about it, and I don’t have any real desire to learn anything about it, so instead of making a bunch of incorrect generalizations about this lengthy look at Dead Space 3, I’m just going to post it for the people who care and shut the hell up. Actually, I’m going to spend my time watching that 16-minute Game of Fuckings video again, and then watch the first four minutes a third time. So it’ll be like I watched the Dead Space 3 video, except instead of watching a dude who got his duds at a Hot Topic in 2175 wander around the old Thing set I’ll just see a lot of boobs. This seems like an extraordinarily good compromise to me. (Via Gamma Squad)