Holy @#$%, Batman!

For all that I think Warner Bros. is completely and irrevocably fucked regarding their DC movies, they managed to do one thing extremely right late last week — they managed to clear up the tangled web of rights regarding the ’60s Batman TV show enough to license some merchandising. Do you know what this means? I’ll tell you: Apparel at first. And then, hopefully statues, action figures, toasters, and all the other nonsense DC approves for their other heroes.

And, most important, if WB has the rights for ’60s Batman cleared up enough to license some merchandising — remember, Fox made the original show but then WB bought DC and the rights to Batman and the two companies have been fighting over the series ever since — there’s no reason the show couldn’t finally come to DVD.
FUCK AND YES. Honestly, I’m excited to see the show again — bizarrely excited, actually — but I’m even more excited about the possibility of action figures. Adam West as Batman! Cesar Romero as Joker, complete with the mustache he refused to shave off! Julie Newmar as Catwoman! Vincent Price as Egghead! King fucking Tut! Oh, make them all, DC Collectibles, I beg you! I don’t have much money, but you can have it all! (Via Comics Alliance)