I’m Not the Only One with Prometheus Questions

Red Letter Media — but not their most beloved movie critic/serial killer Mr. Plinkett — has taken a look at Ridley’s Scott’s Prometheus, and, like me, came away with more than a few questions. Unsurprisingly, they do a better job with it than I did. I will say this, though — some of these questions (and some of the ones I asked myself), maybe 10% of them, are mysteries that I didn’t necessarily need solved to enjoy the movie, and whose ambiguity could have added a great deal to the movie. Unfortunately, they’re surrounded by the other 90% of the questions, which can all pretty much be boiled down to “Why is this character acting in such a stupid way?” Say what you want about Prometheus, but please don’t defend it by saying “Hey, sometimes people act in stupid ways.” That’s true, but I don’t want to watch movies about them, and I especially don’t want to watch science fiction starring them, and I can’t believe they’re an elite team of the world’s best scientists when it seems more likely than Weyland just grabbed a handful of people from the local psychiatric institution and put them in all lab coats.