Looper Makes My Brain Hurt

The U.K. got an awesome new trailer for Rian Johnson’s “killer of people that criminals from the future send back in time to be murdered” movie Looper, in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt faces the unique challenge of needing to kill his older self, played by Bruce Willis. I was alittle disappointed to see Joseph and Bruce apparently working together at one point — I was kind of hoping it would be all about Young Dude trying to hunt down Old Dude when Old Dude knows everything Young Dude is going to do — but the trailer more than makes up for it with a lot of action and trippy visuals. Plus, technically, if Bruce Willis knows everything JGL is going to do, it should be a pretty easy matter to remember where he went looking for himself and just stay the hell away from those places. At any rate, Bruce should remember if he agreed to team up with his older self, or if he just kept trying to kill himself, but there he is, trying to himself into it. Ow. I think I need to stop thinking about this movie, and just watch it when it comes out. (Via First Showing)