Oh, So That Was Gendo Ikari’s Problem All Along

Anyone who’s seen Evangelion knows that Gendo Ikari is kind of… moody. He treats his son like shit even while he sends him to fight giant monsters possibly sent by god, he cloned his dead wife after putting her soul in a giant robot, and has put himself in charge of the destiny of the entire human race. But it turns out all his callousness and thoughtlessness and contempt for others was caused by one tiny thing — his beard!

gendo shaves.jpg

Yes, as this new Japanese advertisement for Schick razors clearly proves, once Gendo shaved off his chinstrap beard, he got a smile on his face and a song in his heart. Why, he probably immediately bought Shinji a puppy and sent EVA Unit-01 a long belated Mother’s Day card. When asked for a comment on his father’s incredible transformation, Shinji muttered, “He wanted a shave? I’ll give him a fucking shave,” while sharpening a combat knife. (Via Kotaku)