Ridley Scott Is Still Releasing New Prometheus Footage

After I got done being sick two weeks ago, I decided to go on a little Prometheus moratorium. But I’ve been monitoring the situation, and I swear to god I’ve seen new TV spots and clips for the movie pop up online every single day for the last few weeks, and that’s after the mountain of footage that was already released. It’s insane. Anyways, I’m posting this new TV spot because it includes a few brief looks at some of the aliens (not Aliens, though) in the movie, in case those needed to be ruined for you too.

In somewhat more pleasant Prometheus news, someone remade one of the 1800 trailers with nothing but paper. It’s as disturbing as it is impressive, and it’s plenty impressive. Paper Idris Elba seems like a cool dude to hang out with, though. Incidentally, the contest winners should be up in a couple of hours. (Via The Mary Sue)