SDCC’s SHIELD Helicarrier Is Better Than Your SHIELD Helicarrier

Did you purchase a SHIELD Helicarrier vehicle/playset from Hasbro’s Avengers toyline from a regular toy store? You fool! You poor, deluded fool. Had you waited until SDCC, you could have bought this:


It’s the SHIELD Helicarrier! Okay, that was obvious. But it’s a foot longer than the regular Helicarrier (making it four feet long), has more guns, comes with a Cap and a Maria Hill figure (How I Met Your Mother toy customizers, rejoice!) and some other things. Here, just compare it to the original.

Thumbnail image for hasbro-20120131002808922__scaled_800.jpg

The new one will be $130, and unlike most other SDCC exclusives, you actually have a decent chance of getting one if you’re willing to stand in line for a few hours. Whether you have the money is another matter altogether. (Via Hero Complex)