See the Hero of Assassin’s Creed III Kill Bambi, Do Some Other Stuff

GameTrailers has seven full minutes of Assassin’c Creed III, this time not in Boston, but in the frontier. This means you can watch protagonist Connor run around in the trees, kill a deer for a Bambi-killing sidequest, get told he needs to murder a Templar in an English fort, kill a shit-ton of English soldiers instead of sneaking up on them, then sneak into the fort anyways, but then immediately stop sneaking to blow up a bunch of buildings and then run down the dude as he flees. The gameplay, frankly, looks awesome, especially the wider range of combat abilities. But I’m a little worried about all the climbing and sneaking around outside. When Connor was bounding through the trees, it was really hard for me to tell when Connor could actually move on; and when he’s on the cliff, it looked like he had to go on a very specific path to get up to the fort, but I literally had no idea what is or is not climbable there. Now, it’s very possible the game will make it clear, or it’s already clear and I’m just a moron, but it is a mild concern for me. I hate when games don’t take into account exactly how stupid I am.