So It’s Possible That Dark Knight Rises May Actually Be Pretty Good

Dear everyone who thinks I’m a soulless, talentless hack who hates everything — I don’t actually hate everything. And contrary to popular belief, I’ve never actually hated The Dark Knight Rises; I’ve just thought that most of the film’s trailers have been shitty and boring and haven’t made me excited for the film. But lest you think I’m impossible to please, watch this new DKR trailer from Nokia:

I have zero problems with this trailer. It’s action-packed, has plenty of Batman, sets up his battle with Bane well, there’s no chorus of children singing gibberish — it’s all good. It genuinely makes me excited to see The Dark Knight Rises. So there. Of course, it’s a little weird that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is talking and hanging out unsupervised with young boys, but this trailer is good enough that I’m going to give the scene the benefit of the doubt.