STYNKWAFAWATS*: Man of Steel, Munsters, Walking Dead, Etc.


? Jor-El’s outfit from Man of Steel popped up at the Licensing Expo. Looks like Kryptonians and the Marvel Asguardians shop at the same store. You can also see Superman’s ridiculously overtextured costume at First Showing, if you’re so inclined.

? Disney has renewed Ultimate Spider-Man, just in case canceling Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and replacing it with an inferior knock-off wasn’t proof enough that hate joy. On the other hand, since Marvel is kicking so much ass theatrically, it’s kind of nice for them to let DC dominate cartoons. (Via Comics Alliance)
? Batman is finally coming to Smallville… meaning the Smallville Season 11 comic from DC. It’s annoying, but at least in the comic he can’t be played by Very Special Guest Star Zac Efron, which inevitably would’ve happened in the show. (Via Comics Alliance)
? Starz’ wonderfully immature Spartacus series is over after this season, despite it doing really well, ratings-wise. Starz didn’t cancel it or anything, the creator and producers just kind of decided to stop. I’m guessing after Andy Whitfield died, no one really had their heart in it anymore. Very sad. (Via Blastr)
? There is some truly phenomenal new Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy merchandise available if you live in England and not somewhere else. Official HG2G towels, Babelfish USB drives, a Milliways mug, some sweet shirts, and more — check them out here, then let me know if any pop up on eBay.

what the fuck is eddie izzard doing.jpg

? This is Eddie Izzard in costume as Grandpa Munster in the upcoming Munsters reboot TV series. THIS BAFFLES ME TO NO END. Why is anyone rebooting The Munsters? Why, specifically, is Pushing Daises creator Bryan Fuller rebooting The Munsters? Why did Eddie Izzard agree to be in this? Why on god’s green earth is he dressed like this? Is this really going to be a dark, edgy version ofg one of the world’s stupidest sitcoms? Does this mean it’s going to be kind of nerdy? And since it’s got Jerry O”Connell as Herman Munster, how good could it possibly be? Ugh. (Via io9)
? There’a a Walking Dead season 3 spoiler after the jump. Be warned, it’s reasonably spoiler-y.


? It’s Merle, everybody! Yay! Let’s give him a hand!!! …oh. Faux pas! (Via CBR