The Justice League Seems to Be Hiring a Bit Young

Believe it or not, this is not an actual trailer for the recent put-back-in-development-just-so-Warner Bros.-can-fuck-it-up-again Justice League movie. The abundance of Smallville versions of DC heroes might be a bit of a clue. I wouldn’t mind, except when you have Christian Bale’s Batman running around with them, the rest of them look extra young. The more glaring problem is, of course, that 40-year-old Batman should be able to beat whatever scheme in-his-20s Lex Luthor has cooking in about 10 minutes with one arm tied behind his back. This movie looks more like the rest of the League is going to throw a sweet party in the Watchtower while Batman is gone, and then they have to clean it up before he comes home and finds out. (Via Blastr)