The Spider-Man Movie Game Just Upped Its Amazing Factor to Bruce Campbell Levels

Holy shit. I thought I was excited when I saw the video of webslinging, playable Stan Lee yesterday. But now that I know that the game will also star Bruce Campbell, Spidey’s most powerful, implacable foe? The one person that movie Spider-Man has never once defeated? Hell, I don’t have time to tell Activision to shut up and take my money, I’m just throwing cash at my computer monitor. And having Bruce voice some ridiculous evil ex-MMA guy who’s obsessed with televised physical challenges and who makes Spidey do races and things around the city? That’s brilliant, and totally justifies the obnoxiousness of these side missions. Hell, now I’m looking forward to playing them, just so I can hear Bruce being obnoxious and making fun of Spidey. I don’t know how the actual movie will end up, but I’m thinking this ridiculous reboot has been completely justified by the game.