TR Contest Special: Cthulhu at the Door, Sponsored by NeatoShop


You’ve already seen NeatoShop’s awesome tentacle doostop on Topless Robot. But now I — and to a much greater extent, NeatoShop — is giving three of you little scamps the chance to win one! For free! Yes, you too can keep the doors of your home, office, or place of worship from moving with the help of some kind of horrible tentacle thing!

But how can you win one of these fine doorstops, you ask? Easy. Consider this a caption contest for the above pic — there is a horrible tentacle monster at your door, trying to get in. Channel your inner Gary Larson/cartoonist of The Far Side for an appropriately funny caption. Or just imagine what it’s saying in order to convince you to let it in. You don’t have to pretend the tentacle creature is Cthulhu (although I have a fondness for imagining Cthulhu in a business suit, asking “Have you accepted me into your life yet?”) — really, any tentacled creature or character will do, as long as you don’t mind clarifying who it is if your suggested caption doesn’t make it obvious. 
I know the contest focus is pretty narrow, but you guys have never let me down yet. Three entries per person, and the contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, June 18th. Much, much thanks to NeatoShop for sponsoring this weekend’s contest; be sure to check out their other similarly nerdy and awesome wares here when you have a bit. That’s it for me; you folks please have a great weekend, and if something large and wet-sounding knocks on your door, I wouldn’t answer it. Just in case.