TR Contest Special: Little Known Alien Facts

alien books.jpg

This weekend’s contest is sponsored by Titan Books, who are offering two Alien books to three winners, to get folks ready for Prometheus! The books are:

The Book of Alien

The Book of Alien is the definitive companion to the classic movie, taking you right behind the scenes of the production, including interviews with legendary designer HR Giger and director Ridley Scott. Lavishly illustrated with scores of stunning stills and pieces of production art unpublished elsewhere, the book graphically demonstrates just why the movie won an Oscar for its visual effects.

The United States Colonial Marines. Ultimate trouble-shooters equipped with state-of-the-art firepower, capable of power projection across the vast expanse of deep space. They can sharpshoot a man at a thousand meters or obliterate an entire world from the safety of orbit. They reckon they are unbeatable. But on a dirtball colony planet known only as LV-426 the unthinkable happened. The Marines lost.

And they’ll get a TR t-shirt to boot! Not bad, eh? All you have to do is tell me a little known fact about the aliens of Alien. You don’t have to just stick to the xenomorphs as seen in Alien and/or Prometheus; feel free to open it up to the weird-ass dog-aliens and other hybrids seen in the later movies, or even the Predalien from the Alien Vs. Predators flicks. Hell, you can tell me about the xenomorph’s other adventures in Hollywood, too. Need some examples?

? The small set of extendable jaws inside the xenomorph’s mouth actually have a lovely singing voice.

? If a penguin is somehow implanted with an alien egg, the resulting xenomorph hybrid will actually be Danny DeVito.

? During the filming of Alien, the xenomorph borrowed $500 from Sigorney Weaver and to this day has not paid her back.

I think you get the idea. Three entries per person, the contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, June 4th. Obviously, much, much thanks to Titan Books for sponsoring the contest! You guys have a great weekend, and please remember to spay your pets, demon animals, furries, and extra-terrestrial killing machines. It just makes sense on so many levels.