TR Contest: Your Worst Borderline Stalker Moment

borderline pic.JPG

Because Rob is busy this week, I’ll be handling contest duties for him. But fear not, as I’m keeping things somewhat simple…if a little bit humiliating. You see, I want you guys to reveal deeply personal secrets in order to win a TR T-shirt.

Specifically, I want to hear stories about times where your extreme fandom almost resulted in run-ins with the law or intensive therapy sessions. Did you ever follow a Star Trek cast member down the street until they became visibly anxious? Or write a fan letter that you mailed only to later realize that it was kinda creepy? How about a story detailing how your obsession with a genre show or actor resulted in discomfort for you and your loved ones?

To be clear, I’m looking for firsthand experiences, not hearsay or things people you know did. I’m also not interested in stories with tragic endings. Creepy behavior is one thing, but crossing the line into tragicville is another matter entirely. So let’s keep things light people!

Now for the rules. One entry per person, and keep things as brief as possible. I’m interested in hearing what you have to say, but the shorter your entries the better. (And to be blunt, anything longer than a paragraph, no matter how compelling, will be judged harshly). Now that my dickish rules have been stated let me wish you all good luck. The contest ends at 12:01am EST on Monday, July 2nd. Have a terrific weekend. Now let the awkward stories commence!