Videogame Trifecta: Dishonored, Sleeping Dogs, Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance

? If you don’t remember Dishonored, it’s the first-person melee Bioshock/Half-Life 2 hybrid with the incredibly awesome tagline (“Revenge Solves Everything”). The gameplay looks pretty fun — lots of stabbing and things that are not plasmids but act exactly like plasmids  — but really, I’m going to buy it just because of the tagline.

? Sleeping Dogs is Square Enix’s answer to Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row, and if you can get over the incredibly boring narration in this video, the game looks pretty keen. It’s set in Hong Kong, it seems to be a more serious take on Saints Row‘s reputation/rise through the ranks/gang influence mechanics, and it has much, much richer action gameplay. At any rate, it’ll be worth keeping an eye on.

? The trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance is as Metal Gear Solid-y as can be, but goddamn if this game doesn’t look like fun. Actually, it looks like Bayonetta — no coincidence, since it’s being made by Platinum — but with a super awesome sword-slicing mechanic, which I support 100%. Seriously, watching that helicopter fall to pieces at the end of the trailer… I want to go to there. Incidentally, the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow sequel has a trailer, and even the cinematic still looks exactly like a God of War/Shadow of the Colossus rip-off, so fuck it.