A Few Thoughts on the Newest CG Starship Troopers Anime Trailer

? Are there any words in the English language less compelling than “From Executive Producer Caspar Van Dien”? I mean seriously.

? The Starship Troopers anime isn’t Halo, but I don’t think it would mind if anyone got confused.
? Carl Jenkins, the mad Nazi scientist from the original movie played by Neil Patrick Harris, is back… and bearing no resemblance to Neil Patrick Harris. I’m going to go ahead and guess NPH passed on the chance to reprise his role.
? Ibanez would be Denise Richards’ character from the first movie, and I’m guessing she doesn’t voice her former character either, although unlike NPH I doubt she had anything better to do. I guess we’ll find out when it hits DVD on August 28th.
? I really, really love that Van Dien and other people feel like Rico and the other two are beloved characters, that people — even Starship Troopers fans — really care about what happen to them, and their myriad adventures from the original movie. It gives me hope that at some point we’ll get a prequel about Jake Busey’s character, which would be the most ludicrous nerd project ever created. (Via ANN)