Dark Knight Villain Voice News Bifecta

? This video of a 1979 interview with singer Tom Waits has been making the round, as it is almost assuredly what Heath Ledger based his performance as the Joker on in The Dark Knight. The voice, the mannerisms — pretty much everything but the lip-licking, really. Of course, the other possibility is that Tom Waits is a time-traveler, and did this interview after watching a Dark Knight matinee. Thanks to Jacob K. for the tip. (Via Kottke)

? Few people on the internet have enraged me as quickly as that group that insisted that Chris Nolan somehow didn’t want people to understand Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. It’s just so dumb and counter-intuitive to movie-making, story-telling, and basic common sense that it drives me insane. Anyways, those apologists also often like to say that Bane’s voices wasn’t altered between the original IMAX preview and the finished movie too, so to those people I’d like to say: Shut the hell up. (Via FilmDrunk)