DC Collectibles Debuts Least Collectible Toyline Ever


From DC’s own article:

G4’s “X-Play” got the first look at the new Con Exclusive from DC Collectibles – an all-new Green Lantern two-pack action figure set that will only be available to San Diego Comic-Con attendees. The DC Comics Super Heroes Kyle Rayner & Kilowog Action Figure 2-Pack is the first in an entirely new line of action figures sized at 3.75″ from DC Collectibles. This new scale will only be available at conventions. Priced at $25 for the set, the figures are super-poseable and very detailed.
Are you fucking kidding me? Let’s ignore the $25 for two 3.75-inch action figures, because plastic is expensive and all toys cost too damn much nowadays. But let’s not ignore the fact that Mattel has been releasing 3.75-inch DC figures for years now, and DC appears to be doing absolutely nothing unique with the line other it being there’s and not Mattel’s — I mean, it’s not like this is some awesome, unique toy like the Shockwave/Hiss Tank mash-up Hasbro’s offering at SDCC, this is just another goddamned figure of Kyle Rayner and Kilowog. Who cares?
But the biggest insanity is that this entire line is going to be con-exclusive. Seriously, DC? You’re going to release an entire action figure line — a line that Mattel has essentially already released in mass market toy stores — only at regional events that happen once a year? I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that all these new figures will be available at every con, because if you have new exclusives for each one — meaning there’s absolutely no way fans could possibly collect all the figures without getting gouged on ebay for every single fucking one — well, that would be a level of stupidity on par with your movie division. Hey… did someone from the movie division get transferred over to DC Collectibles? Is that how this happened?