DC Is Just @#$%ing Gonna Give Up on Movies Until 2015

superman gave up.jpeg

This could technically belong in a wrap-up, but it’s so astounding to me that I needed to give it its own space.
Warner Bros. has announced that it’ll have a Justice League movie for 2015. Why you should believe them versus all the other times they’ve announced a far-in-the-future premiere date for Justice League (or any other number of DC superhero movies) I don’t know. Variety knows, though — it’s because DC has a plan this time! Yep, this time DC/WB is going to ramp up the appearances of the Justice League from now until then, like in the recently released Lego Batman 2, and the Injustice videogame that was announced awhile ago, and the Silver Age Arkham City prequel. Yes, all these things that were announced years ago have secretly been part of the plan to promote a Justice League movie in 2015, and you just didn’t know it. How brilliant is that? And oh! When they did the New 52 last year? That was also part of the plan, even though it supposedly had nothing to do with the movie division and they couldn’t even agree on what the hell was going on in Superman.
Indeed, none of the “plans” that DC and Warner Bros. apparently have had were announced after this 2015 Justice League movie announcement. So either DC and WB’s plan is to just going to coast on all the awesome work they’ve done so far, or there actually is no plan at all. Awesome.
What kills me is that after Man of Steel, there’s not going to be a DC movie in theaters until 2015. It’s probably good that WB is taking that time to formulate a real plan for once, and get their Aquamen in a row, but man, that’s a long time. Marvel is going to put out Thor 2, Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, Avengers 2, and probably Guardians of the Galaxy just between now and 2014. It’s almost like how fucked up Marvel’s cartoon division is, and how much DC rules that medium! The only difference is that Marvel had no shortage of plans, it’s just that all their plans are terrible.