DVD Day: July 10th, 2012


? Adventure Time: The Complete First Season

I’m going to guess that the “Death to the Daleks” thing didn’t turn out so well, given they’ve shown up in Who several hundred more times.
I am under the impression that this very popular anime series is the Powerpuff Girls with sex, profanity and blasphemy. I would like to give it a try.
A Hammer Horror classic starring Peter Cushing and twin Playboy Playmates. WHO ARE EVIL (obviously).
The last 20 episodes of the DiC run. Not the greatest Joe episodes, but at least you’ll be able to finish your collection. 
The final season, in which The Stingers come to town, and there’s a love triangle between Jem, the Stingers’ lead singer Riot, and her boyfriend Rio. A “T” makes a world of difference, people.