Fan Fiction Friday: Rory from 8 Simple Rules and Gohan from DBZ in “Rory and His Master”

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…yeah. I don’t know, guys. I just saw the pairing and I knew it would be magical. How magical? This magical:

Rory lay curled up on his master bed, it had one year since He had stumbled across that portal,one year since he accidentally fused with him by simply touching him. And one years since he was dropped into a world of being were wolf slave to other werewolves who raped him, tortured him, beat him and some even brought friends over and shared him with other werewolves. 

Man, of all the dimensions to accidentally be transported to, “The Dimension of Rapist Werewolves” has got to be one of the worst.
And then Gohan cam rescued him and marked him as his slave and in the processes made them share eachother were wolf and saiyan genes making them both Were-Saiyan’s and far more powerful than before. 
Of course it did.
And after he repaired a time machine Rory and Gohan went back and time and by simple touch Rory fused with and orphan Rory and Gohan fused with a teenage Gohan making them even more powerful. Although he was highly worried about his fraility, his pale skin, and the tears coming out of his eyes. And he was glad when his skin changed from pale to tan and his mass increased.
But he was more glad that he had stopped being raped by werewolves, I imagine. Shall we continue after the jump?

This tale of werewolves, Saiyans and rapists comes to us from author Impulse. It’s short, but given that I’m at SDCC, I hope you’ll forgive me. Because it’s a story about the kid from the 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter sitcom becoming a werewolf-Saiyan hybrid and having sex with Goku’s kid Gohan. Honestly, I can’t do much better than that.

Gohan was a tall and muscular boy with long spiky black hair who stood at 6’6 and had a furry brown money tail. Rory had also changed when he fused with his counterpart’s he had tan skin, Red hair, his muscles were more firm and bigger, and he stood at 5’5, he now wore dark blue jean’s and a tang top, with black wrap up fingerless gloves, and goggles on his head.

What do astronauts wear underneath their space suits? Tang tops. Also, why the hell are you writing about the kid from 8 Simple Rules if you’re going to bring him to a completely different world and then make him look completely different? That’s like writing a story about George Washington, but saying he has Superman’s powers and looks just like Woodly Allen. Why fucking bother?

Rory felt his master stir and got up to greet him.

“Master your awake.” said Rory

“My awake what? Oh, I see. We really have to get you back to school, Rory.”

Gohan looked at him blinked, rubbed his eyes blinked again and just stared.

“Uh, master?” asked an uncertain Rory

” That wasn’t a dream?” asked Gohan

Did… did Gohan just think he dreamt the beginning of this fan fic? OH MY GOD ARE WE BEING INCEPTED RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT?!

” No master it wasn’t I am your slave.” he then whispered into his ear” And if you want I can show you how real I am.” said Rory

“…with my butt.”

Gohan shivered against his slave breath.” Do you want to?”

If you use mouthwash before you go to bed, you won’t wake up with slave breath.

” Doesn’t matter what I want your the birthday boy.” said Rory

Gohan gasped.” You remembered.” he stated in shock

Rory looked at him with confusion evident.” Of course I did why would I not?”

Because apparently the events leading up to this fan fic took place over the course of a single day which involved time travel, fusing with your past selves, and a great many rapist werewolves? I’d be surprised if the discussion of everyone’s birthday dates came up, frankly.

” No one else remembered.” he mumbled

Rory looked shocked, how could people who claimed to love him forget his birthday but he knew how to cheer him up.

Maybe the other Dragonball Z characters are ignoring Gohan because he took an underage character from a mediocre sitcom as his sex slave, Rory.

” Well you can take your frustation out on me if you want.” he then smirked down at him.” Unless your not were wolf enough.” said Rory

“As it turns out, I enjoyed being raped by werewolves more than I realized. Actually, after this, if you just want to drop me back off in the rapist werewolf dimension again, that’d be great.”

That earned him a snarl and Gohan’s eyes went golden yellow, wolf ears appeared, claws appeared and his caninies inlarged, he flipped them over and looked down at his slave.

He flipped his inlarged caninies? What the fuck is even happening here?

” I’ll show you who’s were wolf enough slave.” he growled
Gohan then proceded to rip off all of there clothes and lay nextt Rory.

” Bring me off!” ordered Gohan

Rory got inbetween his master legs and began to suck on his cock as if savoring the taste.

Tasted better than slave breath, I imagine. 

” Faster you bitch.” order Gohan who moaned in thanks as he picked up speed.
Rory continued to pleasure his master with his mouth enjoying the moan’s of pleasure that he got from his master.

” Oh yeah suck that cock.” growled his master

With a growl he came into his slave’s mouth who swallowed his master’s seed. Gohan lifted his slave and kissed him roughly demanding entrance which Rory quickly gave. Gohan suddenly threw him onto the bed, put him on his stomach and used his Ki to makes hand restaint’s.

I hate saying this, since, you know, this story is about a werewolf Gohan fucking an underage sitcom character, but you can’t do that with ki in Dragonball Z. SIR I DOUBT THE VERISIMILITUDE OF WHATEVER FUCKING NONSENSE YOU’RE WRITING HERE

Gohan leaned down and growled.” Now I think it’s time for your punishment for that were wolf crack.”

“Wait. I’m being punished because I made a werewolf crack, or you’re going to punish my werewolf crack? Or is it both? Please be more clear.”

Rory’s eyes widened in fear at the promise of punishment but his protest was cut short from his scream as his master thrust his 13 inch cock into his tight ass.

You know what they say, “out of the rapist werewolf dimension, into the bedroom of a werewolf who like to to have rough sex.” Of course, they also say “stuck between a rapist werewolf and a werewolf who fucks you consensually but roughly.” Lots of sayings about rapist werewolves. You’d be surprised.

” What was it you said about me not being were wolf enough what do you have to say now bitch!” he growled in his ears

Rory now realised that that were wolf comment was a horrible idea and his ass paying the price.

Honestly, this line made me laugh out loud. Anyone want to make me a crosstitch?

” Master please I’m sorry have mercy!” Rory begged

” Then repeat after me, You are my whore.” said Gohan still thrusting into his slave

“You are my whore.”

“No, you idiot! Say ‘I am your whore!'”

“You are my whore?”

“Goddammit. This is like a terrible Abbott and Costello routine, except with more werewolves.”

“And more anal sex?”

“No, probably about the same.”

” I am your whore.” repeated Rory

” You are my slut.”

” I am your slut.”

” You are my bitch.”

” I am your bitch.”

” You are my adorable little puppy.”

” I am your adorable little puppy.”

” Very good you can change now.” said Gohan

Rory then changed into a form like Gohan and his moans and whimpers of pain became those of pleasure and he bucked back against his master thrust now enjoying his master being deep inside of him.

” YES! My puppy loves having me inside of him doesn’t he.” said Gohan who was thrusting frantically in and out of his slave

“Almost as much I love chewing on shoes and piddling on the carpet, master!”

Rory was panting and moaning like a bitch in heat.” YES!YES! HARDER!” he urged

” You asked for it pup.” said Gohan as his changed to golden blonded stuck straight up and his eyes turned light green with a golden arua shinning around them.

” OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’M COMMIN!” moaned Rory as master and slave came at the same time. Gohan collasped on Rory trying recollect himself after he let the ki restaint’s disolve and pulled he slave into warm embrace with his slave’s head resting under his chin.

Another thing I hate: That this incredibly stupid bullshit is forcing me to think about where lycanthropy would fit into the Super Saiyan transformation system. Are they totally separate? Is werewolf a stage between regular Saiyan and Super Saiyan? Can Gohan become a Super Saiyan without becoming a werewolf first? And if Gohan is a werewolf when he turns into a Super Saiyan, does all his fur turn gold and spiky? If anyone has the answers, please just bludgeon me into unconsciousness instead. I hate that I’m even wondering.

” I really need that.” said Gohan

” That’s why I took the risk I knew you needed release. You were giving off a lot of pent up anger.” said Rory

” You’re right pup. You aren’t hurt are you.” asked Gohan

“Well, I’m bleeding profusely from my anus, so if you could get me a band-aid that would be swell.”

” Just a little but I’ll be okay master I live for your pleasure.” said Rory

” As long as you’re…..” he was interrupted by a knock on the door

” Gohan are you okay in their I sensed you power rising.” said a voice

Gohan made an exasperated noise, changed back to normal, used his ki to transmute clothing, got up and opened the door revealing a man who was a little bigger abd tallier than Gohan with wild, bushy, and spiky black hair and eyes who looked a lot like Gohan.


” Everything is fine nothing to worry about.” said Gohan

“Really? I shouldn’t worry about that underage boy in your bed with the bleeding asshole?”

” Alright. Gohan who is that?” said the man pointing to Rory

” I’ll explain in the morning.” said Gohan

” Ok good night son.” said the man before leaving

” Master who was that?” asked Rory

” That was my dad Goku. But let’s forget about that.” he pins Rory down and smirk’s” Ready for round two?” asked Gohan

” When ever you’re ready master.” replied Rory

“My ready master what? OH GODDAMMIT. Seriously, remind me in the morning to see if there are any Sylvan Learning Centers around here.”

And that, amazingly enough, is that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go back to the con and see who I can talk into buying me drinks.