Marvel’s All Winners Squad Assembles…Or Something

Having already featured episodes of the wonderful Japanese Spider-Man series on their website, further ventures into the arena of showcasing interesting online content with All Winners Squad. The Flash-animated web series features characters from the company who never really caught on like Squirrel Girl, the Walrus, Frog, Unicorn and the awesome –and completely underused within the Marvel Universe — Hypno-Hustler. The biggest thrill to me about this is the appearance of Howard the Duck, although my hopes that the series would return the maligned mallard to the greatness of the Steve Gerber era were quickly dashed by some obvious jokes about the character’s failed feature film. (At least Howard got a bit more respect in a recent appearance on Ultimate Spider-Man). Because I obviously have a chip on my shoulder about the duck’s treatment here, I’ll reserve judgment on the rest of the toon. Check it out to decide for yourself if it is fair or fowl. See what I did there?