Oh Hai Live-Action Nausicaa Directed by Evangekion’s Hideaki Anno

When Evangelion director Hideaki Anno isn’t busy making the new Evangelion movies — or ridiculous trailers for the Evangelion movies that feature no characters or robots, but instead just a piano made of rainbows or something — he’s been busy making a short, live-action featurette for Studio Ghibli based on Hayao Miyazaki’s classic Nausicaa of the Vallery of the Wind. This is the first trailer for Kyoshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru, a.k.a. Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo, is a 8-10 minute short about when the Giant God Warriors, er, appeared in Tokyo, and basically fucked shit up (thus ruining the planet and eventually creating big magic bugs, as is scientifically known to be the outcome). What’s cool — if seemingly impossible — is that Anno says this is all done classic-guy-in-rubber-suit-amongst-miniatures-style, with no CG. I don’t know how all the beams work then, but I also know that Anno is exactly crazy enough to do something like this. (Via Anime News Network)