Oh Universal, Why, Why

2012 is apparently the 100th anniversary of Universal, a studio probably best known overall for the Universal monsters, which have pretty much defined what most major monsters are for the entire world. Although they’re not usually recognized as a brand, the Universal monsters are some of the moist recognizable characters on the planet, and one of Universal’s most important sets of properties. The studio hasn’t had much luck reinventing the monsters for the 21st century — e.g. that Benicio del Toro Wolf Man movie — but with the studio’s 100th anniversary, it’s the perfect time for Universal to reinvigorate their greatest asset and reintroduce the Universal monsters to the world. So how are they going to do that?

By releasing shitty direct-to-Blu-ray movies. That’s the trailer for Werewolf: The Beast Among Us, starring nobody and Nia Peeples. Presumably movies starring Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy will be next if it succeeds, which it almost assuredly won’t. Which is for the best. (Via /Film)