SDCC Toy News Trifecta: Watchmen, Lego Super Heroes, The Hobbit


? They’ve been a long time coming, but there’s finally going to be comics accurate Watchmen figures. It’s a Matty Collector subscription of six figures, which means they’ll be $20 or more per figure, plus $10 shipping each, and the shipping option will somehow take 10 or more days. Also occasionally the figures won’t ever make it, and then you’ll have to deal with the nightmare that is Matty Collector’s customer service. My point is each figure will come with a certain amount of agony, which should cheer Alan Moore up slightly. Oh, if you’re wondering if I could have found a pic of the Dr. Manhattan figure with his arms connected, yes, I absolutely could have,


? Lego released a billion pics of both DC and Marvel superhero minifigs. I would be too lazy to post them all even if I weren’t trying to see how many SDCC posts I can do before my computer battery runs out, so you should probably check them out at Comics Alliance if you’re so inclined. Most of the DC ones are figures that have appeared in the Lego Batman games, but most of the Marvel ones are new…. like, say, the J. JONAH JAMESON LEGO FIGURE above.


? ToyNewsI has a pretty solid gallery of The Bridge Direct’s Hobbit figures, both 3-2/4-inch and 6-inch sizes, which continue to shock me with their non-awfulness.