SDCC Toy Trifecta: Predator, Aliens, Alien


? NECA. Dutch from Predator. In regular and covered in mud versions. I’m excited, of course, but I’m even more excited about the possibility of getting a figure of Jesse Ventura as Blain the Sexual Tyrannosaurus. (Via Poe Ghostal)


? NECA will also finally give the world the gift of a great Bill Paxton as Aliens‘ Private Hudson. Look how scared he is! Yes, this is a single tear of pride streaming down my cheek. (Via Poe Ghostal)


? And in Alien news — not Aliens? vinyl and retro-toymaker Super 7 has somehow gotten the molds to Kenner’s unreleased 3-3/4-inch Alien toyline from the 1970s. And will be releasing them. After 30 years. This is fucking insane. (Via Action Figure Insider)