So Cloud Atlas Looks a Little Impressive

And when I say “a little impressive” I mean “holy shit my balls have been blown off with mind-melting insanity and/or awesomeness.” In a good way, of course. Watching the 5-minute trailer above will do more to convince you (or not convince you) of how incredible this movie look than anything I could say, so all I’ll point out is that the movie has six storylines set up to several thousand years apart, and pretty much tries to capture the entire human experience. at least one of the storylines is set in the future, so it is at least somewhat a sci-fi, if you need some tangibly nerdy reason to see it. This will be the Wachowskis’s first film since Speed Racer, which — and you may laugh hysterically at me — I genuinely thought was brilliant. Not just good, not just fun, not just great, but brilliant. You are welcome to think I’m insane, and maybe I am. But if the Wachowski’s bring half the creativity, originality and artistry they put in Speed Racer to Cloud Atlas, well, I’ll have totally forgiven then Reloaded and Revolutions, that’s for fucking sure.