So I Think I Have to Start Covering the Munsters Reboot

I really, really didn’t want to start covering the Munsters reboot. First of all, 95% of all rebooted TV series are just terrible (i.e., Knight Rider, Bionic Woman, etc.). Second, the Munsters was an incredibly lame sitcom even when it first aired. Third, it wasn’t even particularly original the first time, seeing as it ran pretty much concurrently with the superior Addams Family

But then: generally awesome Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller was confirmed to be the showrunner. And then it was retitled Mockingbird Lane. And then comedian Eddie Izzard was cast as Grandpa Munster, which is just as insane to me today as it was the first time I heard it. And then Jerry O’Connell was cast as Herman, and I thought I could go back to probably ignoring it… and then the first cast picture came out.


From left to right, that’s Marilyn Munster, Grandpa, Eddie, Lily and Herman. Looking for all the world unlike monsters or Munsters. God help me, I think I have to see what the hell Bryan Fuller is doing with this thing. I guess the good news is that if it’s another great Bryan Fuller show, it’ll probably only be on for a season or two. (Via Blastr)