STYNKWAFAWATS: Avengers Blu-Ray Set, Black Dynamite, Batman ’66 Toys (Kinda)


? The Marvel Cinematic Phase One Blu-ray set has been revealed to be Nick Fury’s Cosmic Cube/Tessarct suitcase, to the surprise of absolutely no one who could discern spacial relations and realized in the teaser it couldn’t possibly be anything else. There’s no other news, really. I just saw all the other nerd news sites were posting it and I felt left out.

? DO NOT FORGET: The animated Black Dynamite show premieres this Sunday on Adult Swim. Go ahead and set your DVR now, so you don’t forget with all the SDCC news and nonsense.
? Hot Toys has the Batman ’66 license. They’re starting with the Batmobile, which has been licensed many times, so this doesn’t necessarily mean they have action figures. If they do, though, HOO BOY. If there’s a toy company that’s been producing miracles on a regular basis, it’s Hot Toys. (Via ToyNewsI)
? Archie is doing a Sonic/Mega Man crossover. I could’ve found them plenty of Sonic/Mega Man crossovers online, but not many without Guts Man raping Tails.
? Deus Ex is getting a movie, by which I mean someone has the rights, but it’ll spend years in development hell before never getting made. Thanks to Midwest Avenger fot the tip.
? Guy Gardner is coming to the Green Lantern CG animated series, and he looks like this:


Better still, he’s being voiced by Diedrich Bader of Brave and the Bold fame. (Via Spinoff)