TR Contest Special: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in Style, Sponsored by The Walking Dead

Oh my goodness, do I have a contest for you folks. So let me get right to it — Robert Kirkman’s beloved/violent zombie comic The Walking Dead is about to release issue #100 next week (on july 11th!), and Image’s new Skybound imprint, which WD is headlining, has chosen Topless Robot to help spread the love. Five — count ’em five — winners will receive:

walking dead runner up prize.jpg

? The Walking Dead “Blood” t-shirt
? The Walking Dead “Cast” T-shit
? The Walking Dead baseball cap
? The Walking Dead plush doll
Which would be awesome by itself, except Skybound and WD are also giving all that stuff to one grand prize winner too, as well as:

walking dead grand prize.jpg

? The Walking Dead “Grave Digger” hoodie
? The Walking Dead “Kill ‘Em All” t-shirt
? The Walking Dead bucket cap
? The Walking Dead lunchbox
? The Walking Dead messenger bag
? A copy of the massive Walking Dead Compendium, which contains the first #48 issues of the comic, signed by Robert Kirkman himself! 
This is easily the biggest contest I’ve ever run on TR, and I could not be more grateful to Skybound and Robert Kirkman for letting me run it. But all you want to know is how to win, right? Well, here’s how: Tell me how you’d survive the zombie apocalypse… in style. Oh, anyone can grab a shotgun, a machete and some canned food and hole up in the attic for a month. But that’s barely living at all! As they say, it’s more important to have fun than avoid being eaten alive by the animated dead! Or something like that.
So winners will be judged far more on entertainment value than practicality. Only one entry per person — there’s only going to be one zombie apocalypse, after all — and keep them 200-250 words max (and don’t feel you have to write that much if your plan is short and/or sweet). The contest ends at 12:01 am on Monday, July 9th, 2012… assuming an actual zombie apocalypse happens, in which case we’re all fucked anyways. Have a great weekend, and again, thanks to Skybound and The Walking Dead for sponsoring this weekend’s contest!