TR Contest: The Simple Joys of Nerd-dom


Obviously, today has been a dark day. But I don’t want to give some sick fuck the satisfaction of disrupting what should have been a pretty good nerd weekend — and while our thoughts should be with the victims and their families, we shouldn’t even give this asshole the benefit of our attention. Fuck him.

The best way I know to do that is by thinking of happy things; things that only nerds understand and enjoy. Not big, obvious stuff like a new Chris Nolan Batman movie, but the smaller joys. Things like:
? Reading an old videogame instruction booklet
? The smell of a new toy once it’s been taken out of its package
? Nathan Fillion smiling like a moron
You know, the simple things that make we as nerds happy, that no one else gets — so we can take a moment to appreciate all the things that make our lives better and richer. Now, rather than try and judge someone’s happiness, I’m just going to pick the winners randomly — everyone who adds something to the list will get a chance to win. Add as many things as you like, and make as many comments as you want, but everyone will have the same chance of winning. I think — I hope — it’ll all do us some good.