Ben Affleck Says Fack No to Justice League

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While Variety reported yesterday that Warner Bros. had offered the Justice League movie to Ben Affleck, today Deadline says that Ben Affleck is definitely not directing Justice League. Of course, these things are not at all contradictory — Warner Bros can offer Affleck the movie, and then Affleck can say no without any paradoxes, and I imagine that’s what happened.

Honestly, I’m not jumping for joy or anything; despite my use of the trusty Head Asplode pic in yesterday’s article on the subject, it was more about my total shock we live in a world where Ben Affleck directing a Justice League movie is a theoretical possibility more than any horror (otherwise I would have used the Toht). Affleck’s last few directing gigs — especially Gone Baby Gone — have been good to great, although purely in the moody drama category, which doesn’t really lend itself to action-packed superheroes movie (other than Batman). But weirder things have happened (and indeed, as many of you have pointed out in the comments yesterday, what seemed to be surer bets have failed miserably). Still, I can’t help but think WB might be safer in offering their biggest franchise movie to anybody who wasn’t willingly a part of Gigli.