Boy, Grimm Season 2 Sure Looks… Uh… Grim, Maybe?

Confession: The only bits of Grimm I’ve seen were a few clips of the first episode, which were more than horrible enough to keep from giving the show a try. The premise was clich?, the leads uncharismatic, and if I wanted a rop-off of Fables, Once Upon a Time looked like the better rip-off. That said, I’ve been hearing increasingly good things about Grimm (and about Once Upon a Time, for that matter), so maybe the show has come into its own. Anyways, here’s the Grimm season 2 trailer for fans/Grimm-curious nerds. Anyone who’s been watching and enjoying it can feel free to give me and his/her fellow Topless Roboteers the hard sell in the comments. (Via Blastr)