DVD Day: August 7th, 2012


? Grimm: Season One

Hey! Speaking of Grimm! …that’s all I got, sorry. I already talked about Grimm more than I anticipated to today.
In which Vincent D’Onofrio plays Thor. Marvel’s Thor. Yes, really. More or less.
On Blu-ray, all the better to leer at Miss Scarlett’s decolletage, like you did when it was HBO several million times in the ’80s. Oh, don’t deny it..
Friendship may be magic, but pre-nups are just good sense.
Finally, a post-Skypeia One Piece DVD! I’ve only been waiting about five or so years for this.
With five hours of special features. Here’s a trailer for the set, if you’re so inclined.
That movie about Nazis on the moon invading Earth. It’s gotten a lot of hype from a lot of people who are not me. Do with that information what you will.