Here Are More Scenes We Should Be Glad Didn’t Make It Into Avengers

The Avengers deleted scenes are comin’ hot and heavy — much like me after the SHIELD TV series announcement, zing! — and like most deleted scenes, these were deleted for good reasons. The video above is a longer, more somber introduction to Captain America, showcasing more of the man-out-of-time angle; it’s all really good stuff, but it belongs in a Captain America 2 movie, not Avengers. As much as I enjoy it and think it’s very well done, I’m glad it wasn’t in the film. 

The second clip is here, and is actually an alternate end of the movie — the second part of the framing device that we saw in yesterday’s alternate opening, in which Maria Hill bitches about the Avengers. This scene is the second half of her conversation with “The Council,” where she reveals that she was wrong, the Avengers saved the day, and The Council is made up of assholes. It’s better than the opening portion, if only because Cobie Smulders gets better dialogue than merely complaining, but it’s still half of an overused narrative device, and it still brings the movie down, when Avengers‘ greatest strength was that it was massively fun and entertaining. So, again, I’m glad these weren’t in the movie. But I’m also glad they’ll be on the Blu-ray. (Via FilmDrunk)