Here Is Your First Terrible Look at Radagast

When I saw that the first picture of Sylvester McCoy, a.k.a. the Seventh Doctor, as the wizard Radagast had leaked from a scan of an unreleased Hobbit movie calendar, I was actually pretty excited. Hobbit news! New wizard! And then I actually saw the “picture”:

radagast nonsense.jpg

And now I’m just bitter. Seriously, it looks like some one photoshopped McCoy’s head into a fan drawing of Hagrid… badly. Oh, I’m sure Radagast looks just dandy in the movie, but this image is shit, and that was before it was scanned down to 300 x 300 pixels. Hell, I’m not only bitter about the picture sucking, I’m bitter that its still technically news. See, Peter Jackson? This is what happens when you play it too close to the vest. The internet’s going to find shit out one way or another; you might as well make sure we’re passing around something that doesn’t make your movie look like crap.