Krypto Doesn’t Need to go Walkies, He Needs to Go Super-Walkies

You know, I apologize for posting yesterday video of that Starfleet cadet or whoever he was engaging in graphic sodomy on the Holodeck. I was in a bad mood, and a couple of commenter had gotten under my skin, and I decided to punish all of you with the video, with was neither necessary nor appropriate. It’s my bad, and I’m sorry I lost my temper and made you watch something so gross. To make up for it, please enjoy this fun, funny Superman cartoon, starring his lovable pup, Krypto!

Question: I know it’s the Arctic and all, but shouldn’t Superman take care of Krypto’s “business” anyways? Just on principle? Or just so he doesn’t leave little doghouses of solitude everywhere? Thanks to my buddy SLG for the tip.