Metal Gear Solid Madness


Here’s the bad news: The Metal Gear videogame franchise turned 25 years old yesterday, and I feel very, very old. The good news is that Konami held a celebratory event for ol’ Solid Snake and the other members of his hilariously named family, where the company announced two things:

? There’s going to be a new Metal Gear Solid game, and
? The Hollywood MGS movie is back on.
Let’s start with the second announcement first. While Konami seemed confident enough to announce the movie at the event, they really didn’t offer anything concrete as to why this time an MGS movie would actually happen, any more than the first time an MGS movie was announced back in 2008. Avi Arad was revealed as one of the movie’s producers, but since he’s been trying and failing to produce Uncharted and Mass Effect movies for years, this doesn’t exactly make it a sure thing.
But as for the game, it’s called Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, stars Big Boss again (presumably just before he founds Outer Heaven), it’s for current gen consoles, and it runs on a new engine developed by creator Hideo Kojima and crew called Fox, which is by all accounts very cool and pretty and stuff. Of course, the graphics of the MGS games have never been the problem, it’s been the terrible movement/combat controls, especially when compared to infinitely more intuitive sneaking games like Splinter Call and such. It’s 2012. It’s been 25 years. It would be really, really cool if Snake could actually move and shoot at the same time. Just sayin’. (Via Kotaku)