Movie News Trifecta: Evil Dead, Dark Tower, Thor 2


? Bruce Campbell has seen the Evil Dead remake and declares it… “fabulous.” I love Bruce Campbell, but given some of the projects he’s starred in, I think we can safely count his taste in movies as… questionable. (Via First Showing)

? Kat Dennings will be back for Thor 2, to the aggravation of people who have no idea what Kat Dennings was doing in the first movie, and to the delight of people who like looking at Kat Dennings. Meanwhile, Adewale “Mr. Eko” Akinnuoye-Agbajehas been hired to play a the Dark Elf warrior Algrim in Thor 2. Malekith eventually turns Algrim into Kurse, who gives Thor a great deal of trouble during Walt Simonson’s Thor run, so… I imagine that will be happening in the movie, too. (Via Variety)
? Right after the reports that Warner Bros. passed on Ron Howard’s needlessly large, unwieldy Dark Tower movie/TV adaptation, Deadline reports that Media Rights Capital is now in talks to pay for everything. MRC is a studio who apparently has the money for this thing, but whose highest profile hit seems to be Ted. I’m just going to keep using the “Dooooooooomed” tag until we hear something more concrete, okay?