Movie STYNK*: Frogz Legz, Ghibli, Alf, Back to the Future

* Stuff That You Need to Know (that happen to be all movie-related but are too many for a Trifecta).
? This is a semi-viral video for a movie called Frogz Legz, which is about a bunch of French girls who happen to be were-frogs and who kill/eat/something male American douchebags who probably have it coming. While I like the idea of were-frogs — because it’s so goofy — the hackneyed French people/frogs insult and the blatant, hideous use of “z’s” instead of “s’s” in the title will likely keep me from caring about this in the future. But for now, frog-girl. (Via Twitch)
? The new Ghibli movie, From Up on Poppy Hill, is directed by Hayao Miyazaki’s son Goro, who did Earthsea, and has nothing fantastical about it. Instead it’s one of those films Ghibli likes to make every so often about Japanese kids in the ’60s when everything was awesome and not terrible like they are nowadays what with the kids and their long hair and Pok?mans and hippity hop music. Anyways, there’s nothing nerdy about it except that it’s from Ghibli, so the trailer is here if you want to see it. (Via /Film)
? Sony is going to make an Alf movie, in which Alf is CG a la the Smurfs, because Sony hates the human race. When asked if he’d want to reprise his role in the movie, Max Wright, who played hapless dad Willie Tanner in the original TV show, said, “I’d rather keep smoking crack and having unprotected sex with homeless men. I have my dignity, you know.” (Via CNN)
? Rather than leave you with the horrifying image of a crack-addled Willie Tanner blowing a hobo underneath a bridge somewhere, here’s the original screen test for the hoverboard scene in Back to the Future 2. (Via Unique Daily)