Oh, God, NBC Is Trying to Make a Superhero Show Again


Okay, I suppose I should clarify. NBC is trying to make a TV series based on Hench, Adam Beechen’s comic about a regular joe who works for various supervillains to make ends meet. So it’s not exactly a superhero show, but it is a TV series with comic book sensibilities. And the last time NBC tried this, the result was Heroes, which included a woman who played the cello and made rainbowx for 10 minutes every episode and a time traveler whose inoperable brain tumor was kissed away by his imaginary dead mother. It wasn’t very good, is what I’m saying.

On the plus side, Hench is based on an established — and reportedly pretty good — comic, while Heroes was made by Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb. Also, Hench is going to be produced by Peter Berg, who made the excellent and utterly un-comic book-like Friday Night Lights. On the other hand, it is NBC who is making the show. The odds of us getting Whitney with cosplay is pretty fucking high. (Via Deadline)