Robert Kirkman Likes @#$%ing His Fans

Wait… did I say that right? Ah, no, the article title should have read “Robert Kirkman likes fucking with his fans.” Typo! My bad! Anyways, here’s a lengthy video about how The Walking Dead TV series deviated from the comic, as explained by creator Kirkman,. The details are cool if you’ve only enjoyed WD in one format or the other, but I like the gist, too, which is by changing bits and pieces of the TV series, the show retains that “anything could happen to anyone” drama/tension that’s made the comic so popular, even for comic fans. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but it makes perfect sense. Actually, between this and how season 2 picked up mid-way through — not to mention the impending arrival of the Governor and return of Merle — I’m pretty damn excited for season 3 to start. Not so much I’d let Robert Kirkman have sex with me if he asked, but still pretty excited. (Via Nerd Bastards)