Sinestro’s Greatest Foe Isn’t Green Lantern, It’s Bic

The first promo for Robot Chicken‘s DC special has arrived, and I’m happy to report it doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint. Oh sure, not every joke works, but when you pack as many gags per episode in as RC does, not all of them can be kneeslappers (although I would count the criminal only shooting Superman in the balls as a kneeslapper, personally). But my favorite part is Luthor’s demand to his Legion of Doom co-workers that the dude who keeps wiping his boogers on the bathroom wall at the urinal stop it. As you know, Robot Chicken is staffed by a lot of ex-Wizard and ToyFare guys, and someone who worked there myself, I can assure you — with 100% certainty — that this joke was inspired by the dude who kept wiping his goddamn boogers on the bathroom wall at the urinal. I had to stare at those goddamn things every time I pissed for five years. Whenever you guys wish you had a job that is completely nerdy, where you work with fellow nerds on cool, nerdy things, please try to remember there’s a price to pay for that luxury. There’s always a price.