So Apparently There Are Stargate Legos Now?


Okay, to clarify: Lego does not have the Stargate license. But Best-Lock, an actual toy company that makes faux Lego bricks, has the official Stargate license, and has snuck four sets onto the Sears Canada website (and possibly no where else). Above is the 900-piece Stargate SG-1 Earth set; you can see/order the Stargate Atlantis Daedalus and the SG-1 Death Glider Attack sets at their respective links. There’s also a Jaffa Vs. SG-1 set that has no image.

In related news… the hell? Where the hell did these things come from? Why do they only appear to be available on Sears Canadian website? Are there more? If you have any answers, they would be most appreciated. Much thanks to Darren W. for the tip.