The Dark Knight Returns Isn’t Looking Particularly Dark Knight Returns-y

A new clip for DC’s animated version of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns has popped up, and, boy, uh… well, it sure looks like every other direct-to-DVD DC animated movie ever made. Which I generally don’t mind, I like that they’re trying to develop a style and a universe and all that, but when you start getting into these seminal works made by creators at the top of their game (and before they went totally insane, in some cases), well… I don’t know why they wouldn’t want the Dark Knight Returns animation to look like Miller’s Dark Knight Returns comic. The backgrounds have nothing of the decaying future Miller packed into them, the characters designs are completely generic, and the only concession to Batman is that he looks slightly thicker than he normally does — honestly, if it weren’t for that one iconic pose of Batman silhouetted against the lightning, I’d have no idea that this was Dark Knight Returns. When you adapt a work that huge, that well-known, every single frame should be screaming “THIS IS FRANK MILLER WAS CRAZY AND BRILLIANT INSTEAD OF JUST CRAZY.” Otherwise, why bother? (Via ToyNewsI)