The Doctor Lies

There’s one way to instantly turn me from excitedly anticipating something — like, say, the series 7 premiere of Doctor Who — to being annoyed, and that’s to use the phrase “Everything changes!” in one of the promos. American comics are the most guilty of this, although they usually use the word “forever in there, which is pretty much always a bold-faced lie; at least Doctor Who doesn’t have the temerity to say that, if only because “forever” has no weight in a TV series about a time traveler. I’d much rather have had more shots of the dinosaurs on spaceships you keep talking about, Moffat. Thanks to Sarah L. for the tip.

In more Who news (man, I wish they’d just sent all this out with the premiere date), there’s going to be a mini webisode series titled Pond Life, about the more domestic adventures of Amy and Rory upon the TARDIS. I approve. It begins next Monday on the Beeb’s YouTube channeI; I’ll post the first one at least, obviously. (Via io9)