TR Contest Special: Lesser-Known Bat-Villains, Sponsored by

dkr tr contest goodies.jpg

I had planned to run this Dark Knight Rises contest a couple of weeks ago, but delayed it for obvious reasons. No regrets, obviously, but I’m not going to deny one of my readers the chance to win the awesome DKR Batman statue above — or two runner-up readers the Batman Headknocker on the right — courtesy of the one-great-deal on one-great-collectible-per-day site,

The contest is this: Batman has the best rogues gallery in the comic business, but also one of the widest. Even the low-level ones, guys like Calendar Man and Scarface, have their moments of awesomeness. But surely there are more than a few less-than-super supervillains Batman has had to fight while defending Gotham City that were just too shitty and/or dumb to be worth mentioning in the comics and such.
Your job is to create these supervillains. I want names and short descriptions — which might include any combination of the following: powers (if they have any), modus operandi, usual hide-out, henchmen theme, reason they always get caught, etc. By no means do you have to include all of this stuff — just whatever you think makes for the best/worst villain.
Three entries per person. Extra points will be given for sublime stupidity, as well as horrible puns and wordplay; basically, the winner will be the villain that makes me want to punch myself in the face hardest. And that winner will receive the fantastic 13-inch Dark Knight Rises Batman statue from DC Collectibles (a $130 value!), while two runners-up will receive an NECA Batman Headknocker, all courtesy of the fine folks at (check ’em out, won’t you?). Meanwhile, all three of you will win Topless Robot shirts, too, courtesy of me. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, August 6th, 2012 — a.k.a. same Bat-time, same Bat…url, I guess. Have a great weekend!